Thursday, 2 June 2011

transfer update

Been out of contact for a while. To be honest, with all the negativity around the club during our end of season run I thought it was best to stay away. On that bad run I have just a couple of thoughts:

1. Since I have followed Charlton we have always finished with a bad run of games so I'm not worried about "our worst league position ever" or any of that. I'm convinced parkinson would have missed the playoffs as well (he had Jackson, Martin, a less petulant Reid) BWP added a goal threat but Powell lost our most creative players.

2. We were changing our system and this takes time, by the end of the season there were signs of improvement, next year with a new crop of players and hopefully a fit Jackson and Youga we will be much better.

Now on to the transfer news, which is all that will keep me going in these quiet summer month.

- Hollands, a very good signing in my opinion, he will add strength to our midfield which, minus Semedo, we were lacking.

- Pritchard, not much to say really as I haven't seen him play, his record suggests that with the right support and training he could be effective.

- Pope, hopefully our next season has been ordained with this signing, I hadn't heard of him before he signed, more than likely a development player, competition for Gough

- Sullivan, very happy with this one. All the intangibles to be a very good keeper. Organizes his defence and very vocal. Not something we have had since Kiely or Myhre which is surprising considering it is the keepers job. Better than all our other keepers last year at claiming crosses and a good shot stopper, pushes the ball to the side rather than back out into play. Needs to improve on extending to shots away from his body.

- Paul Hayes, on holiday at the moment, back this weekend and expected to hold talks at the valley, he has experience getting out of thus division and we tried to get him in January. Not a goal threat on his own but a very good foil for a strike partner, he will bring the best out of BWP if we get him.

- Racon, at the Gold Cup, not holding any contract talks until he returns.

- Semedo, had preliminary talks apparently. Unless things have changed in the last couple of weeks the rumours linking him to palace seem to be no more than hot air. Freedman said they were flat out not interested as they already knew the man they wanted for that role and it wasn't Jose. I hope he stays as we will need someone to protect the back four with our new, more expansive tactics.

- Dailly, contract talks have broken off for the time being. Doesn't want another pay cut (fair enough) and wants to start (not sure that is best for us).

We are still in the market for at least one winger, 1 or 2 centre backs, a left back and possibly another midfielder in the middle. There are probably more who I have missed off this list but I will update as I hear things.

Come on you reds!
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